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Let's face it.....

Our industry is one of the most cut-throat, competitive ones there is. in the age

of digital photography, it seems that anyone with interest can pick up a camera and be a "photographer" in 5 minutes. most photographers face the struggle of the saturated areas they live in, where new photographers pop up in our social media threads and we have no clue who they are. now in fairness, we were all once there, newbies.

all photographers have that little competitive edge in us, that prevents us from sharing our secrets, our spots, our knowledge or even the possibility of friendship. 

but what if......

what if we broke through the cycle of pure competition, and rewrote the book? what if we could admire, compliment, help and raise each other up instead? all photographers admire other photographers work, we all follow each other, learn from each other, but do we dare **communicate** with each other??? gasp!

a lightbulb went off for me last year, what if we broke the mold? what if we chose to inspire and admire, from a little closer? what if we shared our knowledge and helped each other out?

I give you

my friend, my fellow lady tog

Britanee Barclay

expressions by brit

She's our featured Lady Tog this quarter!

She is an EPIC Photographer & Videographer!

Let's read a little about her and her business!

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Hi my name is Britanee Barclay. I am a student at Chandler-Gilbert

Community College and plan on transferring to ASU in the fall, Go Devils! I have

been studying photography for almost two years, but have been in love with it for

over four years. I actually didn’t plan on doing photography. My whole life I

thought I would work with animals doing animal rehabilitation. But during the first

week of classes in my first semester at CGCC, I quickly changed my mind and

chose to be an art major. From then on, I was hooked! I even did videos on the

side. I’d make anything from family trips to short horror films of my dog, who in

reality is the sweetest dog ever. So I guess that makes them comedies! Now, I

make cinematic videos for businesses that need to promote their product, weddings

and much more.

I fell in love with capturing those raw moments, the moments you want to

look back on over and over again. The moments that make you laugh out loud,

make you cheesy smile and even the moments that make you cry. Let me help you

remember those moments for the rest of your life!

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Check out some of my videos!



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