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The camera strap for the fashionable photographer

Introducing Lady Togs Couture Camera Straps!


As a lady photographer, I struggled to find the right strap. They were either too masculine or uncomfortable. I wanted a strap that had some of the latest in trend fabrics. Lady Togs is the first to bring you a completely washable, dryable and detachable camera strap. They are a true labor of love, designed to be comfortable, durable and versatile. Keeping busy Lady Togs in mind, they're washing machine friendly, and able to be tossed in after a long day.

 The straps are made right here in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ. With Phoenix being a really hot climate, it was important that the fabric was breathable and able to keep me cool as well as warm. I wanted it to be comfortable, strong and stretchy, and just the right length. Knowing the importance of protecting your heavy cameras and lenses, I designed the strap to withhold even the heaviest equipment. Each has been tested to ensure that the strap doesn't get too stretched out over time with heavy use.

This camera strap is adjustable on each side, giving you the freedom to tailor it to your favorite length.

So much love, consideration and work has gone into each strap. I hope you love them as much as I do!

They are named after my favorite places, Enjoy!